The Museum is the repository of some major regional collections. It also maintains a large collection of floral and faunal specimens from Baja California as the result of the College's long and continued maintenance of research sites in the Mexican state.

  • Coleoptera
  • Culicidae Collection: Dr. Donald R. Brothers
  • Idaho National Laboratory Formicidae Collection
  • Lepidoptera Collection: Carl Cannon
  • Lepidoptera Collection: Robert Chehey
  • Mecoptera
  • South Central Idaho General Entomology Collection: Dr. Paul Castrovillo
  • Strepsiptera
  • Trogidae Collection: Dr. Charles W. Baker
  • Luther Douglas Navajo Ceremonial Sandpaintings Collection
  • The Gates-Lewis Collection
  • An Enduring Presence
  • The Olga Gonzalez Pre-Columbian Collection
  • Hopi Basketry
  • The James Huntley Native American Lithic Collection
  • The Meldrum New Guinean/New ZealandCollection
  • The Troxell Collection
  • Succor Creek, Idaho Collection
  • Green River Formation Collection
  • Bake Young Collection
  • Ichthyology Collections
  • The College of Idaho Collection
  • Idaho Department of Environmental Quality Collection: Beneficial Use Reconaisance Program
  • Idaho Department of Fish and Game Collection
  • Richard L. Wallace Collection (formerly at University of Idaho)
  • US Bureau of Land Management Collection
  • US Bureau of Reclamation Collection
  • US Environmental Protection Agency EMAP/REMAP Collection
  • US Forest Service Collection
  • US Geologic Survey Idaho Water Science Collection
  • Idaho Dept of Environmental Quality: Beneficial Use Reconaisance Program; statewide 1994-2007
  • Idaho Power Company: Middle Snake River Aquatic Inverebrate Samplings
  • US Bureau of Reclamation: 1995-2007 Upper Snake River Snail Samplings
  • Freshwater Gastropoda: Middle and Upper Snake River
  • Freshwater Bivalvia: Iowa 1983-1987; Dr. Terrence J. Frest Collection
  • Welty Fossil Collection
  • Marine Mollusca: Baja California, Mexico: Bratz Family Collection
  • Marine Mollusca: Australia: Al Walrodt Collection
  • Marine Mollusca: Worldwide: Bender Collection
Baja California
  • Botany
  • Entomology
  • Reptiles
  • General Reference Library
  • Ira LaRivers Library
  • Thomas Lugasky Library
Other Associated
C of I Collections
  • Evans Gem and Mineral Collection
  • Tucker Herbarium
  • Whittenberger Planetarium